Plan Commission



* Designates additional appointments to Middleton / Westport Joint Zoning Committee
Name Term Committee Position
Kurt Paulsen
2019 - 2022

Michael Slavish 2020 - 2023 Citizen    
Jennifer Murray
2018 - 2021 Citizen    
Randy Bruce
2018 - 2021 Citizen    
John Schaffer 
PRFC Chairman

Gurdip Brar

Mayor - Chair

Dan Ramsey II

Common Council Member

Abby Attoun

Director of Planning and
​Community Development
Alternate: City Engineer


The Planning Commission oversees the physical development of the city, ensuring orderly development and expansion consistent with the comprehensive plan. The commission consists of four citizens with three year terms, the mayor, the chair of the Park, Recreation and Forestry Commission, and one alderperson with a one year term.

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