Sidewalk Maintenance Program

Sidewalk Marking Guide

White Dot:  Concrete Raising
White Check Mark:  Horizontal Saw Cut
Pink Dot:  Removal & Replacement
Double Pink Dot:  City terrace tree caused damage & City pays 50% of the cost

Sidewalk Program

2023 Sidewalk Program

The sidewalk replacement program will start around the second week of July and finish around the first week of September.  The cost for this year's replacement program is $19.55 per square foot.

The saw cutting/Scarifying portion of the program will the place in the last week of September. The cost of this year's scarifying (trip Hazard Removal) will be $16.68 per linear foot.

Helping Maintain Our Local Sidewalks

 Property owners are the maintaining authority of the sidewalk adjacent to their property. To assist property owners with correction of structural deficiencies in concrete, the City of Middleton has an ongoing sidewalk maintenance program which covers about 1/8th of the city’s limits each year. What this means is that about every eight years city engineering technicians will be going through each neighborhood to assess the overall condition of sidewalks, sidewalk ramps and driveway aprons to determine if they are in need of rehabilitation or replacement. The City will also correct significant structural deficiencies in concrete outside of the area scheduled for annual maintenance work, as requested by the property owners or concerned citizens.

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