Storm Water

Storm Water Runoff & Reasons for Concern

Storm water runoff results from that portion of rainfall or snow melt that does not get taken up by plants, soak into the ground, or evaporate. It is of primary concern to residents for several reasons: it replenishes flows in rivers and streams, and maintains lake levels. It can also be cause for concern: it carries pollutants and sediments to lakes and streams, erodes the ground surface and stream banks, and in excess causes flooding, which can damage property and result in injury or even loss of life. It is in the interest of every community to manage its storm water runoff to protect the health, welfare and safety of its residents and to preserve the natural resources.

Commissions and Boards

The City of Middleton has a commission dedicated to this goal, the Water Resources Management Commission.

The City also has a Storm Water Utility Board that oversees the storm water utility and sets priorities for maintenance of major storm water controls, such as regional detention ponds.

Related Ordinances

Three ordinances in particular relate to Water Resources issues:

Related Policies

The following policies relate to water quality: