Parks & Facilities


The Meadows Park playground will be removed the week of May 9th. Once removed the City will prep the site for the new playground that will be installed the week of May 23rd. All work is weather dependent. 

The new playground is depicted here!


Park Responsibilities

The Middleton Parks and Recreation Department oversees all parks and facilities within the City of Middleton. The Department is responsible for all reservations, planning, maintenance and yearly improvements on the land within its jurisdiction. The Middleton Parks include six community parks, six neighborhood parks, eight mini parks, which include a Splash Pad and Dog Exercise Park.

We offer reservations of facilities at Lakeview Park, Firemen’s Park, Parisi Park, Orchid Heights Park, and Taylor Park. Please visit the Rentals and Reservations page to reserve your shelter today! 

Facility Overview

Click the image below for a full list of our park facilities and services.
Dec. 2021 Middleton Park Facilities and Services

Community Parks

Firefighters     Firemen's     Lakeview     Orchid Heights     Penni Klein     Taylor

Neighborhood Parks

Hinrichs Family Farm     Middleton Hills North     Middleton Hills South     Middleton Station     Parisi     Stricker     Woodside Heights

Mini Parks

Baskerville     Boundary Road     Hawkridge     Hillcrest     Meadows     Middleton Ridge     Parkside Heights     Pheasant Branch Ridge   Stonefield

Special Use Areas

Lake Street Boat Launch     Metropolitan Community Park     Middleton Bike Park     Quarry Skate Park     Walter Bauman Aquatic Center