City of Middleton Code of Ordinances - Chapter 7 Licenses and Permits

License Type



Alarm License

Annual license for a business or residence alarm system.  Issued by the Middleton Police Department. Alarm License

Bicycle License

Free registration to assist with tracking and recovery of missing bicycles.
Issued by the Middleton Police Department. 
Bicycle License

Cigarette License

Required license to sell cigarettes or any tobacco products in the City of Middleton.Cigarette License

Direct Seller's Permit

Required permit issued to any individual who travels from house to house selling goods or taking orders for later delivery of goods or merchandise.   
Direct Seller's and Solicitor's Brochure
Direct Seller's Permit

Entertainment Club License

Required license in order to offer any live entertainment in any public building with a patron capacity of 100.Entertainment Club License

Fireworks Permit

Required permit to possess or use fireworks.Fireworks Permit Application

Mobile Food Establishment

Required license to operate a mobile food establishment in the City of Middleton.  This license includes the food cart plus one operator license.   Mobile Food Establishment BrochureMobile Food Establishment Application

Mobile Food Operator - Extra Operators

Required license for additional operators in the mobile food cart.Mobile Food Operator- Extra Operators

Outdoor Amplified Sound Permit

Required permit to operate any sound system, cause amplified music or other sound (including music from a live outdoor performance, projection outside of any building, or vehicle).  Outdoor Amplified Sound Permit

Outdoor Temporary Sale

Required license for the sale of farm/garden produce, craft goods, or other merchandise.Outdoor Temporary Sale Permit

Secondhand Dealer/ Pawnbroker License

Required license for the purchase, receipt, or exchange of any secondhand article or secondhand jewelry.  Secondhand Dealer / Pawnbroker License

Sidewalk Cafe Permit

Required permit to sell or offer any food at a sidewalk cafe located upon any street, alley, sidewalk, public square, street terrace, or other public property.  Sidewalk Café Permit

Solicitor's Permit

Required permit for any person who conducts, manages, or carries on any drive or campaign for the purpose of soliciting contributions, travels from house to house for or on behalf of any charitable organization, or any other person. Direct Seller's and Solicitor's BrochureSolicitor’s Permit

Special Events Permit

Required permit for any special event on public property with a gathering of people over 200 or more.Special Events Permit

Operator's License



Operator's License Bartenders/Servers

Required license to serve or sell alcohol.
Operator's License

Operator's License Temporary

An operator license issued for a temporary timeframe, usually 10 days.
Typically such licenses are issued for one-time events in the City.  
Temporary Operator’s License

Alcohol Beverage Licenses



Liquor License Application

Required licenses to sell, keep for sale, give away, deal in, traffic in, or permit to be sold or kept for sale, given away, dealt in, or trafficked to consumers, alcoholic beverages within the City.  

Additional Information for Retailers:
Liquor Licenses and Fee Schedule
Wisconsin Alcohol and Tobacco Laws for Retailers
Middleton Police Department Alcohol Letter
Liquor License Application

Supplemental Questionnaire Form

Required form to be completed by any officers on the liquor license application.  This form would also be used for any changes to officers on the application during the current licensing year.Supplemental Questionnaire

Appointment of Agent Form

Required form to be completed by the named license agent on the liquor license application. Appointment of Agent

Change of Agent

Required form to be completed for any change of agent in the current licensing year.  Please notify the City Clerk of any change of agent within ten days.  The change of agent form and the auxiliary questionnaire must be completed.Change of Agent

Expanded Premise Permit

Required permit for a temporary change to a licensed premise description. Typically used for one-time events that are expanded for sales or service of alcohol into a parking lot, etc.Expanded Premise Permit

Temporary "B" Picnic License

Required license issued to a bona fide club, fair association or agricultural society, churches, lodges, or societies that have been in existence for six months to sell and serve fermented malt beverages or wine at a picnic or gathering.  Temporary “B” Picnic License