City Administrator

Appointment, Removal & Compensation

The Office of City Administrator is appointed by the mayor subject to confirmation by the City Council for a definite term, subject to removal by three-fourths vote of all members of the Common Council for cause. The length of the term and compensation shall be determined by the Common Council at the time of hiring.

City Administrator Powers

Per City Ordinance, the city administrator possesses the following powers within certain statutory limitations:
  1. Complete authority and responsibility to direct and control all departments (currently 11), except the police and library departments
  2. Responsibility for preparation and submission of the annual budget to the governing body
  3. Complete authority for budget implementation, including limited ability to transfer funds between items, up to $1,000
  4. Responsibility and authority to recommend to the mayor and City Council measures for adoption which are deemed appropriate problems, with the right to participate in all discussions on measures related to problems with the mayor and governing body

Duties & Responsibilities

The city administrator shall perform all of the following duties and responsibilities:
  1. Attend all Common Council meetings
  2. Submit to the mayor and council and make available to the public a complete report on the finances and programs of the city annually
  3. Make reports to the mayor and council concerning the operation of city departments, offices and agencies periodically
  4. Keep the mayor and council fully advised as to the financial condition and future needs of the city and make such recommendations to the council concerning the affairs of the city as he or she deems desirable
  5. Serve as purchasing agent
  6. Be responsible for the agenda for council meetings and order of business for all board and committee meetings
  7. Prepare and update a capital improvement plan
As a member of the International City Management Association, I urge the citizens of Middleton to view the ICMA's video which describes the importance of professional city management.