Tax Calculator

JavaScript Property Tax Calculator
City of Middleton Property Tax Calculator
  • This calculator will compute your total estimated tax bill based on the assessed value of your property.
  • Tax Rates are set each year around December.
  • The current Mill (Tax) rate for this calculator is from the 2016-17 Tax Bill.
  • This calculator is for properties in the City of Middleton which are within the Middleton Cross-Plains Area School District. Properties in the Waunakee Community School District have a different tax rate.
  • This is an approximation only and is not meant to reflect the exact amount of your tax bill. Please do NOT pay your tax bill from this calculator; pay only from the tax bill you receive in the mail.

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You can find your property assessed value information, tax bill payment history and an electronic (E-Bill) for your property at the County Treasurer’s Access Dane website